About Us



Izote Press was born in 2005, with the intention of placing US Central American voices on the literary map. Based in Los Angeles California, the objective is to produce works that are admirable: as an aesthetic object and as a source of knowledge for the US-Central American born generation and the world. Like other Latino publishing houses in the USA, Izote Press wants to establish a cultural space for discussion and exchange of ideas. We edit books, we cure books, we talk about books, we enjoy books. Our goal is to address both the social history of written culture and the most revealing contemporary visual studies of Central Americans living in the USA. We understand reading as a passion and as a subversive practice in the healthy exchange of ideas between book, author, and reader. 


Why "Izote" Press

The Izote flower is used as an ornamental plant, a remedy, and as food. Izote grows gradually and it is difficult to get rid of! One can cut off a piece and stick it in the ground and it will continue to grow and eventually take root despite harsh and difficult conditions. Civil Wars in El Salvador, Guatemala, and Nicaragua along with natural disasters, economic instability, and social insecurity have displaced a significant number of Central Americans to the United States. Upon arrival, many Central Americans encountered hostility from already stablished communities. However, despite disdain, Central Americans continue to bloom much like the Izote flower. We hope that future generations will continue to grow and sustain from past, present, and future literary voices. We write to exist!