Our Publications

Karina Oliva


"Gregarious in sublime retracing, recreating and remapping the source origins of love, family, immigration, wisdom, friendship. The verse flows from joy to musing to anger to valor - surrender in the sweetest sense of the sage flower; spit stinging puluque shots of insights that flash in the brain like musical notes honoring the grand scheme called life- with its sorrows and jubilation. Beautiful book. Powerful poetry." - Jimmy Santiago Baca

Cacayo Ballesteros


Cacayo's LOVEDUST/ POLVO ENAMORADO is a treasure among poetry, not only for its rich voice and poignant social commentary on being Latino in the United States, but for its brutal honesty and courageous content that reveals both the beautiful and unspeakable contradictions of culture. His poetic voice communicates lessons about the realities of living in America that can only be told accurately through the poet experiencing it.

Daniel Castro


Dear Chavela, Letters to Tía Chavela is beautiful written book that brings together all those questions young latinos faced.  This book is not only a vehicle to entertain but to also voice our existence in the social, political and cultural fabric of this country. It is a vehicle through which we can feel represented.

Carmen Amato


Amato returns to the essentiality of things. Her poetry reveals a demystification of geography that remains in a constant precarious state within the imaginary. Every poem brings forward the vision that reveals the desert's microcosm where we exists as  "a poem / written by thousands of beings.".